General Dollar - Dollar General in Amenia NY s*cks!

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I went into the new DG in Amenia NY and couldn't believe what I saw!Employees flirting with each other instead of working.When they saw me enter,the man left from behind the cashier counter and hid in an aisle.This odd behavior continued throughout my shopping.I came to find out that the mgr. there,John Stroh,has a history of mental problems and an arrest record!I needed to return charcoal that wouldn't even light that I had bought on that trip and decided I'd rather leave it in a cart outside the store than have to encounter that whacko again.I will NEVER go that store and am telling others of my experience!


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That *** now works across the street at the new cumberland farms. Total creep. Run him out of town!

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i found these reviews to be very helpful i was trying to tell people that the dollar general in Amenia doesn't hire guys now I know why Although when I go In there the ladies are nice and helpful I haven't really seen the Manager John I'm glad I haven't hearing what you all had to say


I find all dollar generals to be nasty.the company obviously doesn't care who they hire.

but this amenia dollar general is the worst. store mngr and assistant store mngr smoking cigarette's and god only knows what else outside the store. always dressing very inappropriately. hes always either rude or hitting on girls.

the assistant manager is always behind the counter on her cell phone never willing to help out.they need to make some changes before ill shop there again.


I can't understand HOW he is still working there!His own employees have filed complaints with corporate about him and nothing is done.He spends more time outside smoking and trying to pick up women than he does inside.Then again,his trusted cashier there is a known thief and smokes things other than cigarettes right in front of the store.Yeah......great company. :sigh This guy's disgusting behavior is known throughout the town and most people say they'll only go in there when he's not working.


I have reviewed this store before and have to add this particular location in Amenia NY has violated EEOC laws by never hiring a male employee since the manager was put in place almost a year ago.

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This is true.He has refused to hire any men at all and if you don't play nice with him,he makes your life ***.I had to quit there because of him.


This store is filthy and the guy that you all seem to be talking about was about as rude as he could be.Maybe it's because I'm a guy? lol


I've lodged complaints against the same person.He's making quite a name for himself with teen aged girls fathers.There IS a boycott of the store forming until he is terminated.


I had the same problem,but the creep actually HIT on me while I was shopping!!! And he is the manager there?! DISGUSTING!

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